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Research Interests

My research interests broadly include public opinion, bureaucratic governance, and policy implementation, with a particular focus on the substantive areas of representation, participatory bureaucracy, and environmental policy. Specifically,  I examine how the inclusion of members from historically marginalized groups within public organizations impacts citizen evaluations of agencies, client-agency interactions, and bureaucratic outcomes. 

Using both experimental methods and observational data, my dissertation begins by testing how greater levels of racial, gender, and religious representation influence citizens’ perceptions of federal agencies and bureaucratic organizations. Additionally, I examine how citizens' preferences for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives vary across different types of federal agencies and organizations. At the state-level, I am collecting workforce data on environmental enforcement agencies to explore how racial representation impacts environmental justice initiatives and enforcement patterns.  A common theme underlying this project is the theoretical and empirical exploration of how representational effects vary across a broad array of organizational contexts and agency types. 

In addition to my dissertation work, I am working on multiple projects examining states' renewable energy policies, information disclosure policies, and regulatory enforcement patterns surrounding toxic emissions. You can read more about my published and working projects below.

Publications & Working Papers

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